Originally from St. Petersburg Russia, Louiza Vick is an internationally published photographer based in Los Angeles. Being passionate about visual arts from a young age, Louiza's talent shined through every visual art she would take on. She made her transition from painting into filmmaking and attend the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts at University of Southern California. Then she made her transition into photography, after graduating with honors and having a trained eye for lighting and composition.

Louiza's background in visual arts shines through her photography and sets her apart from the rest, as her images are vibrantly picturesque with an ethereal edge. Specializing in fashion, beauty, and portraiture, her work is published in numerous publications around the world, including GENLUX Magazine, Zink Magazine, Fault Magazine, Status Magazine, Prestige International Magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, among others.


Prestige Paris // Fault // GENLUX // ZINK // RUNWAY // Beverly Hills Lifestyle


Carmen Electra // Elisabeth Röhm // Tricia Helfer // Carrie Preston // Betsy Brandt // Taylor Armstrong // Tinsley Mortimer

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